Dark Skies August Update

The sky chart shows the sky at around 10:00pm BST during mid August. Although three planets are shown in the night sky at this time, realistically only Saturn, skulking low in the south-west skies will be easily visible. Neptune, rising in the east in the constellation of Aquarius, will need steady mounted binoculars to detect, and even then will just appear as a point of light.

Dark Skies July Update

The chart is timed at 22.00hrs for mid July. With the nights still very short, you'll need to be awake very late to get truly dark skies again for this month, but you will still just see the bright pairing of Jupiter and Venus in the evening twilight. As you may have noticed, Venus has “flown” by Jupiter over the past month or so, treating us to a spectacular union at the start of July. Hopefully you've had your cameras out capturing the conjunction.


Do you have any old photos of the former Elan Village School?

Or any stories or memories you would like to share?

We would love to hear from you.

We are hoping to have a display of old photos for a Coffee Morning scheduled for Sunday 26th July.   See the "Whats On" page for more details.

Please contact the Elan Estate Office on 01597 810449 or email  annette@elanvalleytrust.org


Nature Fund Open Day

The Elenydd Purple Moor Grass project is one of 19 successful Welsh Government Nature Fund projects. The Welsh Government's aim was that the Nature Fund projects would help respond to the challenges faced by the wildlife and habitats which were identified in the State of Nature report.

Dark Skies June Update

With mid-summer solstice almost upon us, we won't get truly dark skies this month, so the chart is timed at 22.00 hrs for June.

Charlotte’s Swedish Adventure

This month the Elan Valley Trust's assistant land agent Charlotte Harley joined like-minded agricultural people on a two week excursion to southern Sweden. The trip had been organised by Walford and North Shropshire college under a Leonardo da Vinci mobility project funded by the EU.

Dark Skies May Update

Sky Map for mid May

With the lighter evenings, the sky chart is now displayed to view at around 21.30 BST.

Venus and Jupiter still dominate the SW and W skies, but during the first week or so of May, Mercury will be putting in an appearance in the low Western Sky. Try spotting this elusive planet by looking for the Pleiades cluster, and locating the nearby “intruder”. If using binoculars or any form of optical aid, please ensure the sun has set first, before sweeping for Mercury.

Dark Skies April Update

The chart for April shows the mid month night sky at 9.00PM.

Jupiter and Venus still dominate the evening sky, but towards the end of April, the "winged messenger", Mercury, will put in an appearance in evening twilight. Look low in the WNW sky around the 22nd April onwards for your best chance to see the "messenger" of the Gods!

Dark Skies March Update

The attached map shows the Night Sky as seen in Mid March at around 20.00hrs. By looking Southwards and holding the chart with S at the bottom, the centre of the map will show the stars overhead with the Northern sky behind you. Using the map earlier than 20.00 will mean the star patterns - Constellations, to use the correct term - will be shifted slightly to the East , while using later in the evening, the constellations will have moved more to the West.


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