Milky Way by David Tolliday

Welcome to Eyes on the Night Sky for August. This month is known as the start of the astronomy season as night falls at an earlier time and we can begin to enjoy studying galaxies and nebulae at their best. The Milky Way, part of the galaxy we live in, is visible at an earlier time this month. If the light pollution in your area isn't much of a problem, the Milky Way can be seen from your own home.

Penbont Update

UPDATE: 2nd July 2018. We have finally started building works at Penbont Tearoom. It is our hope that works will be completed by February 2019 and that we will be able to re-open for Spring / Easter 2019. Our apologies for the delays and wait, unfortunately we have been plagued with difficulties. 

The plans included increasing the Bed & Breakfast accommodation to provide five ensuite bedrooms, one of which will be ground floor and accessible for disabled users. 


This month, the night sky remains in deep twilight, therefore, it is still not dark enough for studying deep space objects. However, there are some great opportunities to catch some planetary action during the month of July. The first week of this month is an excellent time to see Noctilucent Clouds, so remember to look towards the north on a clear night, two hours after sunset.

Upcoming events from Elan Links

Stars and meadows are the focus of new, free events being held as part of the Elan Links scheme this month.

On Saturday 23 June, David Williams will lead people through the mythology around the Celtic Constellations.  In this free talk, in the Rhayader Museum and Gallery at 10.30am, David will provide his interpretation of the constellations.

Photographing Elan’s Meadows

This free, one-day workshop will help new and improving photographers learn how to capture these meadows on camera. 

The Elan Valley is home to many upland hay meadows, including a coronation meadow – all of which are a wonderful sight in full bloom.

It is a wonderful place to take photographs, in order to preserve some of that beauty. The workshop will focus on outdoor photography, delving into the basics of landscapes, meadows, flowers and wildlife photographs.

Fabric Exoplanets and Stars workshop

Learn applique techniques to create imaginary worlds.  The finished articles will be used to create a fabric hanging which will be displayed at the Elan Valley Visitor Centre during the dark skies day on 29 October.

Join Cath Allan throughout the afternoon to be part of this.

This free workshop will take place at Rhayader Museum and Gallery.  It is open for anyone to join in from 12pm.

For more information, either email: andrea.jones@elanvalley.org.uk or call 01597 811527.



Celtic Constellations - A Talk

Find out about the mythology around Celtic Constellations.  David Williams, producer of the Celtic Constellations star chart, will provide his interpretation of the constellations. 

As one of only three internationally dark sky accredited areas in Wales, the Elan Valley offers a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the night sky. 

This free talk will offer an interpretation of the stars.

It will talk place in the Rhayader Museum and Gallery.


Welcome to June’s edition of Eyes on the Night Sky. In many areas of the UK, the nights have now become much lighter which makes it difficult for stargazers to view their favourite galaxies, globular clusters and other deep sky objects that require darker nights to see them in their full glory but there is still plenty to see with the eyes, binoculars and telescopes! The lighter nights are due to the Northern Hemisphere inclined towards the Sun due to the axial tilt of the earth.

Volunteer with us

Throughout the scheme, there are many opportunities to get involved with the different projects.  We have many volunteering roles which will be available, such as:

  • Biodiversity monitoring
  • Habitat restoration
  • Oral history recording
  • Archiving and research
  • Condition surveys
  • Photography and film

These opportunities will be promoted in a range of ways.  However, if you would like to receive information directly, please provide your name and contact details using the form below.


Elan Valley Artists Residencies Programme 2018 -19

A new Artists' Residencies project has been launched in the Elan Valley as part of the Elan Links scheme

Applications are invited from visual artists for the 2018-19 Artists Residency programme in the Elan Valley, mid-Wales.  Three residencies are available – two for August-December 2018 and one for January-June 2019.  Through the arts we want to better understand, explore and engage with nature, water and issues around sustainability, as well as the rural/urban dynamic. The Artists’ Residencies aim to achieve this. 


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