Perseids (NASA/Bill Ingalls

Welcome to Eyes on the Night Sky for August. In many areas of the UK, the nights are dark enough to see the majestic Milky Way emerge into the southern sky – look out for it from around 10.45pm as darkness descends and marvel at the misty band of stars which comprises the Galactic Core and the Sagittarius Arm. You will need a rural sky away from light pollution to see the Milky Way in all its glory.

Elan Links Nature Group Survey Upland Bogs

Atlas 2020 Survey – Claerwen Valley

The BSBI (Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland) is currently surveying as much of the country as possible to update their botanical species atlas.

As part of this project an area of the Claerwen Valley was chosen by Barbara Brown, (from the BSBI), who did a great job of leading the way, and coaching the group in plant ID.

Elan Links Volunteer : Cultural Heritage Office Help - Flexible Hours

Location: Elan Links Office, Elan Village.

My job is to collect, record and make the stories of the people of Elan Valley accessible – and there are soooo many of them.  I need help in the office to arrange appointments, do research, organise meetings, exhibitions and events, and generally assist me in celebrating this very special place.

Elan Links Volunteer - Oral History Recording - Flexible Hours

Location: Local to Elan Valley

Oral histories are a vital part of the Elan Links project; they are full of local social and historic interest AND you get to meet some fascinating people.  We need to capture the stories and memories of people who love this unique place whether they live or work here, have a family connection or are just visiting.  In order to do this, we need help recording.

Elan Links: Archive Project Volunteer

The Elan Links Archive Project aims to protect, record and celebrate Elan’s cultural heritage material which includes documents, memories, pictures and artefacts.  

A volunteer is required to assist the archivist in recording information onto the archive database. The majority of work will take place at CARAD in Rhayader and the Elan Valley Estate Office, however, some additional onsite work may be necessary.

Llygaid ar awyr y nos - Gorffennaf 2019

Croeso i rifyn Gorffennaf o “Golwg ar Wybren y Nos”.  Am y dair wythnos gyntaf mae wybren y nos yn dal yn aros yn gyfnos dwfn, felly os hoffech astudio’r pethau aneglur (galaethau, nebiwlyddion ayyb), yr amser gorau yw wythnos olaf y mis.  Mae tymor y cwmwl Noctilucent yn profi i fod yn dda iawn hyd yma eleni, gyda llawer o adroddiadau am gymylau llachar a ffurfiannau cymhleth.  Yn ffodus, mae dal amser ar ôl i weld rhyfeddod arbennig yr haf dros yr wythnosau nesaf.