The night sky in the Elan Valley, Oct 15 midnight

This month, the nights really start to draw in, so take those opportunities after dinner to wrap up warm, get out there and explore the night sky. Astronomical darkness will occur at around 8pm in the middle of the month, which means that the Sun is low enough below the horizon (below eighteen degrees) not to cast its light into the night sky. This is an opportune time to study more distant and dimmer objects, and see our favourite celestial objects in more detail.  This article and future ones will provide interesting targets and sky maps for those who have small and large telescopes, a pair of binoculars, or even a pair of eyes!
For more information recommending planetarium apps to assist in your exploration of the night sky, information about planets, deep sky objects, stars and even a possible bright comet to view in October, please click here for our full article.