Dark Skies December Update

The sky chart shows the stars for 8pm in mid December. We are still short of planets in the evening skies, it will be another couple of months before they start to make an appearance. So it is to the morning skies we must look for targets.

Ever Wondered what the farmer has just said?

The following glossary provides some ins and outs of the strange words you can hear out and about on the Elan Valley Estate:

Let's begin with the birds and the bees; or rather more specifically the tups and the ewes. 

Richard Higlett: Artist In Residence

As part of the developing APTELAN Artist In Residence Programme at the Elan Reservoir, I have had the opportunity to stay in a cottage near the Pen y Garreg Dam. Being located within the natural fabric of the valley, I was struck by how soon my understanding of time, and how I chose to spend it, changed.

Elan Valley Secures Heritage Lottery Fund Support

Elan Valley secures £1.7 million Heritage Lottery Fund support for a 6 year programme of investment worth over £3 million.