Astrocymru: 3D Astronomy and Space

Event date: 
7 Awst 2018
Event time: 
10am - 4pm
Elan Valley Visitor Centre
Astrocymru: 3D Astronomy and Space

Join Emma Wride from Astrocymru and learn about Space through a 3D cinematic experience! We will explore the surface of solar system bodies, see the sizes of celestial objects in our Universe, learn about the birth of the Solar System and much more! Meet at the Elan Valley Visitor Centre.


7 Awst
Dydd Mawrth – AstroCymru: Seryddiaeth a’r Gofod mewn 3D
10yb-4yp.  Ymunwch ag Emma Wride o AstroCymru a dysgwch am y gofod trwy brofiad sinematig 3D.