Local History Group March Summary

3 years 4 months ago

The local history group meet monthly in Rhayader. Below are the minutes from the March meeting.



Stephanie welcomed everyone.

The importance of signing in was explained as evidence of volunteer contribution for the project.

Oral history trainees invited members to collect and share memories of the moon landing and will arrange to meet at a later date.  Stephanie explained what was included in the oral history training and showed the group the recorders.  Krysia is compiling a list of all recordings that were made 20 years ago for CARAD.  All are on CD and there are summaries of some.

Krysia had brought in a newspaper article cuttings of the anniversary of the moon landing.

St Fagans trip

  • Groups are welcomed
  • Talk cannot be tailored to one particular area
  • Radnorshire Society are arranging a trip, perhaps we could combine


Show and tell

Big thanks to all who brought something in to talk about.

John brought in the Rhayader by-pass plan 1973, north eastern route.  1st plans came out in 1960’s as flyover on stilts over the parks and river which wasn’t viable.

Dave brought in a souvenir programme of the opening of Waun Capel Parc.  The Park Trust was established in 1937; land donated by O.J.R. Owens and Gordon Richards on the Rhayader side of the river. The swimming pool was opened in 1960/61.

Betty brought in photos of the first car that went up the valley during the 1914-1918, when Troedrhiwdrain land girls were taken to plant trees (where?); the car had solid tyres (what make of car?) Also, photographs outside Nantybeddau of one of the three giant headstones which Evan dug up and put outside the house.  The other two stones are under the Claerwen reservoir.

There was also a photo of the tower at Garreg Ddu and Nantgwilt Church with no trees around it.  Betty also recalled being the only one allowed to go upstairs at Ciloerwynt because she had slept there during a gathering on the hairy palliases

Shirley had a cartoon of Evan Nantybeddau (Evan Price or Evan the Marchnant) by T. A Morgan.  

Jill asked about the “old black well” which apparently was by Ffynnon Fair.  Stone destroyed when the road was widened.

Sylvia brought in pamphlets of tollgates, tannery (1973) purchased at Air Ambulance shop; also the history of AbbeyCwmHir and the history of the Visitors’ Centre.

There was also a 1930 photo of guardians at the workhouse, showing the board of governors.  It is now an hotel on the left side of the road leaving Rhayader on South Street.

Mary has a letter from Rhayader District Council allowing abstraction of water from the stream at Nantsarn and pump it to Conyn for Rhayader town.  Eventually a pump house was built there using a hydra ram pump worked by water pressure (John Lloyd).  She also brought in a photo of halt at Marteg railway which was opened by GWR in 193? went from Rhayader to Llanidloes

Stephanie thanked everyone for bringing in their items.


Sylvia has looked into capturing information off the Historical Rhayader Facebook page.

  • Photo and comments captured and downloaded to Word and put on a memory stick.  Over 800, so a big thank you to Sylvia for doing this
  • Categorised into similar subjects (if not too much work)
  • Discussion followed about legality over copyright.


         Future Meetings


Penybont History Group started 8 years ago so someone from the group will be asked to attend the next meeting about how they started and collected information.


Stephanie asked the group about venue and timing of these meetings; the activity room is too small and the exhibition space is in constant use.  She will investigate the possibility of using the back room of The Crown (Andrew or Andrea Lewis).  The meeting could take place in the theatre space on a Friday but members like a Tuesday evening.

Shirley asked regarding a possible trip to the National Library which Stephanie will look into.

Mike and Dave agreed to be interviewed about the moon landing.


The meeting ended about 8pm.