Dark Skies May Update

Sky Map for mid May
7 years 3 months ago

With the lighter evenings, the sky chart is now displayed to view at around 21.30 BST.

Venus and Jupiter still dominate the SW and W skies, but during the first week or so of May, Mercury will be putting in an appearance in the low Western Sky. Try spotting this elusive planet by looking for the Pleiades cluster, and locating the nearby “intruder”. If using binoculars or any form of optical aid, please ensure the sun has set first, before sweeping for Mercury.

Looking low in the SE skies, the ringed planet Saturn starts to make an appearance for this summer session. Although best seen through telescopes, you can make out the ring system even with tripod-mounted binoculars.

The main meteor shower of the month wil be the Eta Aquarids which will be producing long slow meteors. However they will unfortunately be drowned out by the bright moon which will be just a few days past full on the 6th May.

Thanks to all those who joined us at the Moon Watch event on Tuesday 28th April. A few pictures from the events are available on the Elan Valley Astromony Facebook page.

Click here to view and download the full size sky map