Dark Skies April Update

7 years 4 months ago

The chart for April shows the mid month night sky at 9.00PM.

Jupiter and Venus still dominate the evening sky, but towards the end of April, the "winged messenger", Mercury, will put in an appearance in evening twilight. Look low in the WNW sky around the 22nd April onwards for your best chance to see the "messenger" of the Gods!

The main "Winter Constellations" like Orion are now slowly slipping into the Western Skies, allowing the Spring groupings such as Leo (to the left of Jupiter), and Virgo to become "centre stage". Overhead, the familiar asterism of the Plough, part of Ursa Major - the Great Bear - continues it's never ending voyage around the Northern Star, Polaris, the star that the "Pointers" of the Plough mark a path towards. This celestial compass will always show the way Northwards, given clear skies of course!

Anybody looking out in the early hours of the 22nd or 23rd of April may be lucky enough to see some of the April Lyrids meteor shower. Look to the low NE skies and you may be rewarded with upto 10 meteors per hour.

Looking back to March, what an incredible week we had with that magnificent auroral display and then the 90% Solar Eclipse. I do hope you managed to get a glimpse of these events, but if you were unlucky enough to have missed them, here are a couple of photo's from our album.

Clear skies and see you next month.

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