Welcome to June’s edition of Eyes on the Night Sky. In many areas of the UK, the nights have now become much lighter which makes it difficult for stargazers to view their favourite galaxies, globular clusters and other deep sky objects that require darker nights to see them in their full glory but there is still plenty to see with the eyes, binoculars and telescopes! The lighter nights are due to the Northern Hemisphere inclined towards the Sun due to the axial tilt of the earth.

Elan Valley Artists Residencies Programme 2018 -19

A new Artists' Residencies project has been launched in the Elan Valley as part of the Elan Links scheme

Applications are invited from visual artists for the 2018-19 Artists Residency programme in the Elan Valley, mid-Wales.  Three residencies are available – two for August-December 2018 and one for January-June 2019.  Through the arts we want to better understand, explore and engage with nature, water and issues around sustainability, as well as the rural/urban dynamic. The Artists’ Residencies aim to achieve this.