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The following is a list of featured events happening at Elan Valley but there is always an upcoming activity for your diary so click through the menu on the left to see everything that may interest you.









Our digital version of the Elan Valley Events Guide 2020-2021 is out now!

Print copies will soon be available from the Elan Valley Visitor Centre or local retail outlets.

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Download the 2017/2018 Events Guide here: English | Cymraeg

The Future at your Fingertips

Aberystwyth University's Faculty of Business and Physical Science will be hosting a public engagement event relevant to current ongoing research at the university.

Further details to follow......


Dydd Sul 21 - Y Dyfodol ar flaenau eich bysedd  

Fe fydd Cyfadran Busnes a’r Gwyddorau Ffisegol Prifysgol Aberystwyth yn cynnal digwyddiadau sy’n ymgysylltu â’r cyhoedd ar y dyddiadau hyn sy’n berthnasol i’r ymchwil barhau gyfredol yn y brifysgol.  Bydd manlynion pellach yn dilyn ar-lein.

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