Dark Skies November Update

Dark Skies mid-Nov

On the planetary side, Venus is by far the brightest object in the low south western skies, visible for some 11-12 hours after sunset, although suffering somewhat from the twilight glow.


The above structure will be closed to the public for the period Monday 24th to Friday 28th October, 2016 for urgent repairs.
We are sorry for any inconvenience
Alternative route by vehicle to the Elan Village is via Dolfallen bridge crossing the river Elan further down the road OR
via foot there are two alternative footbridges, one directly below Caban Coch Dam and the other footbridge at the end of the Elan Village opposite the Glan yr Afon Cottages.



Dark Skies October Update

The chart shows the sky at mid month around 21.00 BST.

Planetary wise, Venus is struggling to pull away from the solar glare in the evening twilight, still just a couple of degrees above the western horizon at sunset. We’ve lost Saturn from view by the time of the sky chart while Mars is only just hanging on, low in the south-west skies. As with last month, Uranus and Neptune are only visible with tripod mounted binoculars or telescopic aid.



Sandra would like to thank all her customers and friends for their loyal support and custom over the past 4 years.

The Elan Valley Trust wish Sandra and her family all the best for the future.

The Elan Valley Trust will be carrying out refurbishment works and plan to re-open in 2017.

Updates will be put on the "NEWS PAGE" of the Website to keep customers updated of future plans.

Dark Skies September Update

September Sky Map

I’m sure that you’ve all noticed the nights starting to draw in after the long summer days. Not really surprising since September brings the autumn equinox of equal length day and night time. In the skies, we’ve lost Jupiter and Mercury in the west, with only Venus clinging onto the bright twilight zone, some couple of degrees high at sunset. The other planetary double act featuring Saturn and Mars continues in the SSW skies, although Saturn is steadily dropping, with Mars slowly dimming in magnitude or brightness as the month progresses.

Elan Valley Walking Festival

Don't forget our Walking Festival
Starts Saturday 3rd September -  Sunday 11th September (9 days of events)
Book your place on 01597 810880
Please join us on one of our events,  See our What's On Page for more details.
Highlights include :-
Cwm Elan Mines Experience :  5 mile circular walk to explore the history and remains of the Cwm Elan Mines.

Dark Skies August Update

August Skies

The attached sky chart shows the mid-August skies for around 9.00pm BST. 

Looking to the western horizon just after sunset, we have one of the two planetary groupings visible this month. The two inner planets of our solar system, Mercury and Venus, are joined by the gas giant of Jupiter. You’ll need a good low western viewpoint to catch this lineup, ideally a sea horizon. Those of you on the coastline will stand the best chances to observe this alignment. As always, if scanning the area with binoculars or telescopes, make sure the sun has set first!

Dark Skies July Update

July Sky Map

The sky chart shows the night sky for mid July at 22:00. Very low on the north-west horizon as the sun sets, we'll get a chance to see Mercury and Venus in a close pairing. This will be a difficult sight to catch in the still bright twilight skies but don't be tempted to sweep the area with binoculars unless the sun has completely set below the horizon. Mercury will only be around for a week or so, but Venus will linger in the twilight zone for a couple of months to come, before finally clawing it's way into the evening skies late in the year.

New Playground

Our playground is undergoing an exciting transformation!

The exisitng playground will be closed from 5pm Sunday 19th June

for about three weeks while the transformation occurs.

We apologise for any inconienience this may cause to our younger visitors.



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