WaterAid Supporters Trip: Uganda

Fiona outside a latrine in Bobol Village
7 years 8 months ago

Our Education Ranger Fiona Wase has recently returned from the WaterAid Supporters' Trip to Uganda. It allowed her to see first hand where money that has been generously donated in the Elan Valley has been used. For over a decade, every penny raised through events such as our Dam Open Days goes directly to support WaterAid projects in Uganda. She visited a village with a very poor quality water supply resulting in many people becoming ill every year. For these people there is simply no safe supply within walking distance. She also went to a village which had installed a pump through WaterAid's intervention and saw for herself how much of a difference a clean water supply has made. 

World Toilet Day also took place during the week of the visit. Held on November 19th, the event now has United Nations recognition. The aim is to raise awareness that one in three people in our world (around 2.5 billion people) do not have a safe place to go to the toilet - having seen and used latrines in Africa (which are considered 'safe') Fiona has found that we really do take our toilet facilities in the UK for granted!

Fiona also visited many schools, with enormous classes of happy and smiling children who were keen to meet her and the group! The tour also included a visit the slums of Kampala, where 400 people live on each hectare of land. The water supply there was contaminated 14 years ago, yet it is all that some people have access to. 

For more information about her visit you can visit her blog at http://www.walestoafrica.blogspot.co.uk.

Fiona is very keen to share her experience with local groups, especially schools. Please contact her if you would like her to come and talk to you about the visit! Her phone number is 01597 810390 and email is fiona.wase@dwrcymru.com  - she looks forward to hearing from you!

Unsafe water supply that is also used by animals in Ojolai Village
Ploughing with oxen in Ojolai Village
Fiona outside a latrine in Bobol Village
Fiona helping to build a 'tippy tap' in Bobol village, to avoid the spread of disease
Locals using the pump in Bobol Village
Returning with safe water from the pump provided by WaterAid in Bobol Village
Kampalan slums after heavy rainfall
Children collecting free but contaminated water in the slums
Token meter for water in a Kampalan slum
Happy children in Amuria School on World Toilet Day

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