View from the Estate Office

5 years 4 months ago

Well the last week has allowed a temporary breather into what has been a busy Winter and Spring so far. The Elan Links project is at its initial review stage so there was a push for the deadline and now we await the review, before the final sprint to June's application deadline. Out on the estate we have had some glorious sunshine and some ghastly gales, but all-in-all they both make for a spectacular view of the dams overflowing. Little lambs are beginning to appear on the hillsides and down in the Village now and I'm sure they would appreciate a bit more of the Spring sunshine before we get to the April Showers! Please take care of your dogs and keep them under control and on leads at this busy time. Lambing has not been too prominent down in the village for the last few years but with the recent storms more ewes are seeking the shelter in the valley bottoms so it is vital that dogs are kept under control and not disturbing lambing mothers. Yesterday I heard a wonderful term on the radio - an Alpaca giving birth is said to be 'unpacking' what a marvellous thought for the ewes who have lambing to undergo. 

Charlotte, Assistant Land Agent :)