Under Dark Skies by Powys Dance

7 years 9 months ago

Powys dancers are counting down the days to their performance at an international dance festival in Cardiff next month.

Members of Powys Youth Dance Company and their older counterparts – Senior Moment(um) – are working with choreographer Joanna Young, Portuguese composer Filipe Sousa and filmmaker Simon Clode on ‘Under Dark Skies’.

The project – inspired by the recent recognition of both the Elan Valley and the Brecon Beacons as Dark Sky zones or reserves – will be performed at the ‘People Dancing’ festival in the capital. The dancers have recently returned from rehearsals at Elan Valley.

The project is being supported by the granting of a Wales Commission for People Dancing, the international event organised by the Foundation for Community Dance. Under Dark Skies is being managed by Powys Dance, which is part of Powys County Council, and which runs PYDC and Senior Moment(um).

Councillor Barry Thomas is the council’s Leader and he commented: “We’re really grateful to the Foundation for Community Dance and the Arts Council of Wales for supporting the project so generously with this commission, one of only four in Wales.  This will give dancers from across the county the opportunity to work on this piece with some of the most exciting talent working in dance, music and film.”

Amanda Griffkin is manager of Powys Dance and she commented: “The idea for the project was inspired by the recognition of the Elan Valley and Brecon Beacons as being great places to view the stars. We thought that the stars could be compared to our dancers. However, stars don’t exist in isolation, they are connected to one another in the form of constellations. This is what we are doing with the project, making connections between two very disparate age groups and between dancers who may live in different parts of the county.”

People Dancing is the first international event from the Foundation for Community Dance taking place in Cardiff from November 13-15, dedicated to participatory and community dance, and socially engaged arts practice. People Dancing will provide opportunities for learning, debate, professional development and international networking through a broad programme of presentations, practical workshops and commissioned performances, including the four project from Wales.

As well as the performance by the dancers from the county, Powys Dance’s Heidi Wilson will be on the panel at a workshop to discuss education, training and continuing professional development in the field of dance. 

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