Elan Links Flowering Plant Identification Course

3 years 2 months ago

On a very wet Tuesday last week, 10 enthusiastic volunteers came to the Elan Links office to learn about identifying plants.

There was a good range of skills amongst the group, and Barbara Brown from the Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland (BSBI) did a fantastic job in teaching everyone how to work through a key to go about naming the flower in question.

The course was part indoors and part outside; the morning was spent looking at samples and working through the steps in order to identify them correctly (not quite as easy as it sounds...some of the parts of the plants were very small!). In the afternoon the group went up onto the Coronation Meadow in the Claerwen Valley, a traditional hay meadow managed in a traditional way, and looked at a range of hay meadow species.

The day was declared a great success, and some of the volunteers will now be putting their new skills into practise this week when they will be undertaking 2 days of Hay Meadow Surveying of the Coronation Meadow.