Elan Links Consultation

5 years 9 months ago

Come and tell us what makes Elan so special and find out more about the Elan Links Project

Since the successful outcome of the Elan Landscape Partnership’s bid to Heritage Lottery Fund in October last year a great deal of work has been undertaken during this development year to ensure that the full suite of 27 projects are fit for purpose.  We are showcasing this work and giving people the opportunity to come and tell us what makes Elan so special and to learn more about the Elan Links: People, Nature & Water project.  The sheer size of this project means that there is a lot of information to disseminate and for that reason our exhibition will be held in two locations. 

On Wednesday the 26th of October, between 12pm and 5pm there will be a consultation event held at the Elan Visitor Centre, where people can find out more about the unique landscape character of Elan and what aspects of this we hope to enhance and safeguard during the 5 year project delivery period.  

There will also be an exhibition of the current projects held at Rhayader Museum and Gallery, between 12pm and 7pm so if you don’t already know about the projects from our facebook page you will be brought up to speed.

Jenny Hall and Paul Sambrook of Trysor are working on the landscape characterisation element of the project, defining the distinctive landscapes of Elan. They will be in attendance with an exhibition and hope as many people as possible can pop in to discuss what they think is important about Elan.  


There will also be storytelling: Stories from beyond the water.

Tales of the people who came to The Elan Valley, built the great lakes and their ways-of-life lost beneath the water Elan Valley Visitor Centre at 2:00 & 3:30 and at 5.30pm at Rhayader Museum & Gallery


The Elan Links: People, Nature & Water Landscape Partnership is currently made up of 17 different organisations who are developing 27 projects over 6 years in the Elan Valleys unique landscape of remote hill land, isolated farmsteads, steep-sided wooded valleys, reservoirs and dams. The project programme does not only focus in local area. It will be developing strong links between this upland area at the heart of the Cambrian Mountains in Mid-Wales and Birmingham because of a history of supplying clean water to households and businesses for over a 100 years.