Welcome to this special edition of Eyes on the Night Sky…at home. As we all work together to stop the spread of Covid-19 by respecting the current laws of not making any unnecessary journeys, we will show you what you can see from the comfort of your own garden. The good news is, there is plenty to see with the unaided eyes, binoculars and telescopes. Grab a drink, pull up a garden chair and enjoy those night skies, as the fresh air is beneficial to health and gazing at a starry, night sky can increase your wellbeing.


The Visitor Centre is now closed until further notice in line with UK wide efforts to delay the spread of Coronavirus.

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Elan Links Project Officer Vacancy

Are you an effective communicator and coordinator? Do you like working with people? We're looking for somebody to coordinate the communications, community engagement and interpretation activity, for the Elan Links: People, Nature & Water Landscape Partnership Scheme.

An Interview with TS Anna & Adri Schokker - Artists in Residence

Around the time when the Elan Valley residency opportunity came to our attention, we were conducting first experiments and conceptualising a new project we called The Forest. We were visiting forests and woodlands in the Netherlands and digitally capturing parts of trees and other vegetation that caught our attention. We were making use of different DIY 3D scanning techniques to capture the trees and plants and transform them in 3D models.

Cyfweliad gyda TS Anna & Adri Schokker – arlunydd preswyl

Tua’r amser y daeth cyfle cyfnod preswyl Cwm Elan i’n sylw, roeddem yn cynnal yr arbrofion cyntaf ac yn cydsynio prosiect newydd o’r enw The Forest.  Roeddem yn ymweld â choedwigoedd a choetiroedd yn Yr Iseldiroedd, ac yn cadw cofnod digidol o ddarnau o goed a llystyfiant eraill a ddaliodd ein sylw.  Roeddem yn gwneud defnydd o ddulliau sganio DIY 3D amrywiol, er mwyn cofnodi’r coed a’r planhigion a’u trawsnewid yn fodelau 3D.

Our Elan Valley Events Guide 2020-2021 is out now!

Our digital version of the Elan Valley Events Guide 2020-2021 is out now!

Print copies are also now available from the Elan Valley Visitor Centre or local retail outlets.

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