Helix Nebula - NASAJPL Caltech Univ. of Ariz

Welcome to Eyes on the Night Sky for October, where we will select the best targets to observe with the unaided eyes, binoculars and telescopes. October is a great month to stargaze, with darkness falling earlier; the sun sets at around 18:54 at the beginning of the month and 16:49 at the end, as the clocks go back one hour on 27th October at 02:00. To see the night sky at its darkest and the Milky Way at its best, wait until around two hours after sunset.

Elan Valley has Wales' First Interactive iSandBox

Elan Links has recently acquired an interactive iSandBox, the first of its kind in Wales. The sandbox uses augmented reality to entertain and educate using technology that changes an image that is projected onto the sand. As users change the landscape of the sand, the image will change accordingly. There are 19 different zones - from a safari to a coral reef, volcano to glaciers. 

Woodlands Survey

Elan Links' cultural heritage officer Stephanie, is working with the RSPB to learn people's thoughts about woodlands in the Elan Valley. Help us to better understand what you like about our woodlands by taking a short, 10 question survey.



Elan Links are looking for volunteers to help transfer their historic paper data to BIS (the Biodiversity Information Serivice for Powys). Contact bonna.williams@elanvalley.org.uk

An interview with Daniel Crawshaw - artist in residence

Daniel Crawshaw grew up in the Welsh borders and now lives and works in London. He makes paintings inspired by remote, mountain locations and has travelled widely in the UK and beyond.

In 2013 he was artist in residence in Australia’s Alpine National Park in Victoria. The resulting show entitled ‘High Country Gothic’ was previewed at the Sidney Nolan Trust in Presteigne before touring to regional museum spaces down under. A series of four large paintings made in response to Victoria’s unforgiving forests were acquired by the Gippsland Art Gallery in 2014.


Magwyd Daniel Crawshaw ar y Gororau ac mae bellach yn byw a gweithio yn Llundain.  Mae’n gwneud lluniau a ysbrydolwyd gan lefydd anghysbell, mynyddig ac mae wedi teithio’n helaeth yn y DU a thu hwnt.


Llygaid ar awyr y nos - Medi 2019

Croeso i rifyn mis hwn o “Golwg ar Wybren y Nos”.  Wrth i ni ffarwelio â’r haf, mae’r nosweithiau tywyll yn cyhoeddi dechrau’r tymor seryddiaeth. I’r rhai ohonoch sy’n mwynhau edrych ar y Llwybr Llaethog, fe fydd yn gwneud ffurf bwa o’r gogledd i’r de wrth iddo ymddangos yn nhywyllwch y wybren – golygfa godidog os fyddwch yn eistedd allan yn yr awyr agored liw nos.  Mae’n werth mynd ar wibdaeth i safle wybren dywyll i weld ffurfiant cymhleth ein galaeth.