Welcome to this month’s edition of Eyes on the Night Sky.  As the summer draws to a close, the darker evenings herald the start of the astronomy season. For those who enjoy looking at the Milky Way, it will arch majestically from north to south as it emerges into the darkening sky – always a wonderful sight to behold if sitting outdoors in the evening. It is well worth a trip to a dark site to see the complex structure of our galaxy.

Elan Nature – August round up

Our butterfly hunts proved fun and productive, we surveyed along the cycle-path. This was done as part of the Big Butterfly Count, an annual national butterfly survey. Overwhelmingly the most common butterfly we saw were painted ladies, which are seeing a boom in numbers this year, also seen were; peacock, tortoiseshell, ringlet, small white, green veined white and meadow brown.


Elan Links Providing New Evening Events for Walking Festival

Elan Links’ latest festival of events, Discover Elan, is a week of seven evening events from the 31st of August to the 6th of September. There are a number of talks, including one by local experts Rhayader by Nature, an expert geologist, and artist Kate Green, who is currently walking the Elan Valley Aqueduct.