New Festival of events looking at the Natural World and Well-being

Elan Links’ second festival of the year will be running from July 26th to July 29th. The festival, called Natural Elan, will consist of six free events over the weekend, all celebrating the natural world and the way it can help people’s physical or mental well-being.

New Film & Photography Group

Elan Links is offering an exciting opportunity for people interested in film or photography to improve their skills. The group, which is free to join, will cover a number of topics including the basic and fundamental skills of both filming and photography, composition, landscapes, wildlife, filming events, editing and more! For more information, email or join the Facebook group here.



Noctilucent clouds over the Elan Valley, 21st June 2019

Welcome to the July edition of Eyes on the Night Sky. For the first three weeks the night sky still remains in deep twilight, so if you would like to study fainy fuzzies (galaxies, nebulae, etc.), the best time would be the last week of the month. Noctilucent cloud season is proving to be a great one so far this year, with many reports of bright clouds and complex structure. Fortunately, there is still time to see this wonderful summer phenomenon over the next few weeks.

Llygaid ar wybren y nos – Mehefin 2019

Mae mis Mehefin yn fis tawel ar gyfer syllu ar y sêr gan fod y nosweithiau yn rhy llachar ar gyfer gweld gwrthrychau wybrennol yn eu holl ogoniant.  Y newyddion da yw bod dal planedau i’w hastudio, a chyfle i weld cymylau Notilucent, gwelwch gysgod y ddaear yn cael ei daflu i’r wybren a dros y ddau fis nesaf, fe fyddwn yn canolbwyntio ar sêr dwbl.  Treuliwch amser yn astudio’r lleuad y mis yma os oes gennych ysbienddrych neu delesgop bach.  Fe fydd y Lleuad Newydd yn ymddangos ar y 3ydd o Fehefin a’r Lleuad Lawn ar yr 1

Elan Links Flowering Plant Identification Course

On a very wet Tuesday last week, 10 enthusiastic volunteers came to the Elan Links office to learn about identifying plants.

There was a good range of skills amongst the group, and Barbara Brown from the Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland (BSBI) did a fantastic job in teaching everyone how to work through a key to go about naming the flower in question.