Winter activities of the Elan Links Nature group

Elan Nature; the natural heritage volunteer group of the Elan Links project; has participated in a series of Lichen study days over the winter.

The group was led by local botanist Ray Woods, who has been studying the flora of Radnorshire for a lifetime.

The focus for the group was to learn to identify some of the key species of lichen found in the Elan Valley and then survey some of the woodlands to record where they can be found.

One of the key species looked for was Lobaria pulmonaria (Lungwort)     

Local History Group March Summary

The local history group meet monthly in Rhayader. Below are the minutes from the March meeting.




Sombero Galaxy

Welcome to our April edition of Eyes on the Night Sky, where we will select some night-time highlights for this month. As the clocks have gone forward, darkness will not descend until at least 9.30pm at the beginning of the month and around 11.30pm at the end. True darkness, where the Sun is more than 18 degrees below the horizon, is ideal for viewing distant galaxies, star clusters and nebulae.

Exciting Festival of Events from Elan Links

Elan Links have created an exciting festival of events for the Easter holidays. The first of four festivals throughout the year, Creative Elan, celebrates the natural world through the creative arts from the 13th of April to the 20th of April.

Elan Valley Events Guide 2019-2020 out now

Our Elan Valley Events Guide 2019-2020 is out now!
Click on the images to download (6MB )

An Interview with Marcelo Sánchez-Camus - Artist in Residence

R.M. Sánchez-Camus, known as Marcelo, is a creative practitioner born in New York City to parents who emigrated from Chile. His research interests include audience interaction, public spectacle, social systems, the body politic and urban imagination. His arts practice include collaborative performance-making, psychogeographic explorations, installations and socially-engaged live events.  Marcelo is the co-founder of Social Art Network UK and recently co-convened the Social Art Summit in Sheffield leading to the world’s first Social Art Biennial.


Ymarferydd creadigol yw R.M.