Earthshine, by Steve Richards

Welcome to February’s edition of Eyes on the Night Sky. This month, there are still plenty of early, dark evenings to view your favourite objects, even though the nights are starting to draw out.

The New Moon occurs on 15th February and around that time, watch out for earthshine before dusk on 19th February, which is where the rest of the Moon’s surface can be seen, illuminated by the Earth’s light. It is also more poetically known as the “ashen glow” or, “the old Moon in the new Moon’s arms” and is very lovely to look at. If you were standing on the Moon looking at the Earth, you would see that the Earth is fully illuminated by the Sun which causes this effect. This can be seen any time in the year around the time of a New Moon at twilight. There is no Full Moon in February, as the previous one was on 31st January, which is commonly known as a Blue Moon month, a second full moon in a calendar month. In fact, there will be a second Blue Moon month in March, where another two Full Moons occur on 2nd and 31st March! Click here for the full article.

Penbont House Tearoom and B&B

UPDATE: 8th January 2018. Elan Valley Trust have finally secured planning permission to extend and renovate Penbont House subject to planning conditions. We are in the process of discharging these conditions and hope to commence highways improvements once the relevant permissions have been given. Subject to these permissions it is proposed that building works commence Spring 2018. It is not anticipated that Penbont will be open until at least Mid to late Summer 2018.