*CANCELLED* Exhibition: The Natural World in Stained Glass and Feathers

Event date: 
1 Ebrill 2020 to 29 Ebrill 2020
Event time: 
10am - 5pm
Elan Valley Visitor Centre

Mandi, ‘The Feather Lady’, based in North Somerset is best known for her exquisite paintings of birds of prey on real feathers. This unconventional medium has become her signature style and several of her feather paintings have won awards in various Wildlife Art Exhibitions including being selected as a finalist in The David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of The Year Exhibition on two occasions.
David Wettner is a stained glass artist, and also painter in oils, living in Mid Wales.
His work depicts wildlife subjects and landscape in stained glass panels and , uniquely, stained glass combined with locally sourced native wood in three dimensional pieces. His love of nature began at an early age and continues with his love of wildlife art and spending time getting inspiration for his work in the beautiful Welsh countryside.

Artwork available for sale.

Open daily between 10am and 5pm at the Visitor Centre.


Arddangosfa: Y Byd Naturiol mewn Gwydrau Lliw a Phlu 
Lleolir Mandi, 'y Ddynes Blu' yng Ngogledd Gwlad yr Haf ac mae'n adnabyddus am ei phaentiadau coeth o adar ysglyfaethus ar blu go iawn.  Y cyfrwng anghonfensiynol yma yw ei harddull unigryw ei hun ac mae nifer o'i phaentiadau ar blu wedi ennill gwobrau mewn gwahanol Arddangosfeydd ar Gelf Bywyd Gwyllt.

Arlunydd gwydr lliw ac hefyd arlunydd mewn olew yw David Vettner, sy'n byw yng Nghanolbarth Cymru. Darlunia ei waith themau bywyd gwyllt a thirluniau mewn paneli gwydr lliw, ac, yn unigryw, cyfuniad o wydr lliw ynghyd â choed cynhenid lleol eu tarddiad mewn darnau tri deimensiwn.