Exhibition: Elan Valley Astronomy

Event date: 
1 October 2016 to 31 December 2016
Event time: 
10.00 - 16.00hrs
Visitor Centre Exhibition Hall

Elan Valley Astronomy share Dark Sky secrets they've captured with their imaging equipment

Elan Valley Astronomy is not a "club" or "society" but a facebook community of people with an active interest in astronomy across the World. This exhibition shows some superb examples of just what some of our more local followers have captured in and around this region. 

Their equipment varies from tripod mounted DSLR cameras, through adapted web cameras and specialist imaging cameras attached to telescopes to images taken in specialist light, such as Hydrogen Alpha and Calcium light for some of the Solar Photographs.

We hope you enjoy this varied array of Celestial delights, showing such events as Auroral activity, spectacular Solar Prominences erupting from the Solar Disc, simple Planetary alignments and star trails, clusters of stars and regions of star formation in our own Galaxy, right out to InterGalactic space and visiting Galaxies other than ours.

A comments book is available for your use, please take a moment to use it.