Objective 10: Engaging with more difficult to reach individuals and provide training skills and opportunities which will build confidence, a sense of achievement and a sense of the natural environment

10a – Investing in Elan

Following the successful Tir Coed training model, this project will deliver bespoke training courses in the natural environment to harder to reach groups within our communities.  We know that being in the natural environment, being part of a team and learning and achieving in this way really promotes a sense of wellbeing and achievement and can have the power to change a participants lives for the better.  The natural heritage of Elan will also be improved as the courses will meet a whole host of restoration and conservation targets.

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10b - Enabling and Empowering Elan

There will be a provision of funded bespoke activity days at Elan aimed at groups within local communities who are not currently able to engage with nature or the outdoors.  Part of what makes Elan special is its dramatic landscape which creates a sense of solitude and wilderness.  We will work with local client groups to ensure that the events are tailored to each individual group’s needs enabling and empowering them to enjoy Elan and all of its special qualities.

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10c – Experience Elan

Our weekend retreat packages are to enable harder to reach groups from the Birmingham area to connect with Elan and the natural environment and to learn about where their water supply comes from.  As well as having a two night stay at Elan there will be special bespoke activities arranged for them.  Some of the groups of people that would benefit from these retreats are people with mental health issues and learning disabilities, single parents, and substance misusers. 

Download the Detailed Project Plan