Dark Skies January Update

The map shows the Night Sky as seen in Mid January at around 20.00hrs. By looking Southwards and holding the chart with S at the bottom, the centre of the map will show the stars overhead with the Northern sky behind you. Using the map earlier than 20.00 will mean the star patterns - Constellations, to use the correct term - will be shifted slightly to the East , while using later in the evening, the constellations will have moved more to the West.

WaterAid Supporters Trip: Uganda

Fiona outside a latrine in Bobol Village

Our Education Ranger Fiona Wase has recently returned from the WaterAid Supporters' Trip to Uganda. It allowed her to see first hand where money that has been generously donated in the Elan Valley has been used. For over a decade, every penny raised through events such as our Dam Open Days goes directly to support WaterAid projects in Uganda. She visited a village with a very poor quality water supply resulting in many people becoming ill every year. For these people there is simply no safe supply within walking distance.