Featured events

Elan Valley is a place of peace and tranquillity - but it never stops! There is always something to see, whether it is the natural changes of the seasons to organised events within the Estate. We will keep you posted of planned events in this section of the site.

The following is a list of featured events happening at Elan Valley but there is always an upcoming activity for your diary so click through the menu of the left to see everything that may interest you.

Reservoir Roundabout

This annual walking and/or running challenge event is held across country in and around the Elan and Claerwen Valleys.  Either 22 or 12 mile courses are available : Entry Fee & kit check apply. Start point Elan Valley Visitor Centre.

For further details and an entry form contact the organiser, Roy Davies, email  roy@elanvalleylodge.co.uk or telephone him on 01597 811143.


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The Rhiwnant Valley & Drygarn Fawr

Blow away the festive cobwebs by joining a Trustee of the Elan Valley Trust and experienced hill walker Andrew Leonard on this energetic 10 mile hill walk to Drygarn Fawr which is the highest point on the Elan Estate and which has been described as "a long wedge shaped oasis of springy heather and rocky knobs adrift in a sea of comfortless tussocky grass".

Meet at Llannerch y Cawr Car Park (NGR 901616) at 10.00am with an expected return of approximately 3.00pm.  

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