Objective 9: Improve the range of recreational opportunities to enjoy Elan

9a – Making the most of Elan

This project is about developing and implementing an access plan for Elan which builds on the existing rights of way and paths, developing links and modifications where needed to ensure that a bigger and wider group of users, including walkers, cyclists, horse riders, all of different abilities are able to use and enjoy Elan.  There will also be a focus on strengthening the routes that link with our gateway communities.

9b – Family Friendly Elan

In this project our aim is to create additional routes which are aimed at families.  Routes will be short in length, circular and be close by to parking and toilet facilities where possible.  There will be interpretation information available along with interactive activities suitable for e suitable for children, young people and adults enabling people from all ages to experience what Elan has to offer them and be engaged with the heritage of Elan.


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