Objective 9: Improve the range of recreational opportunities to enjoy Elan

9a – Making the most of Elan

Access and recreational activities have historically been a big part of Elan and this project sets out to ensure a variety of users can enjoy and love Elan as much as possible.

This project has been shaped by the development of an Access and Recreation Plan and following consultation and action group meetings, the proposals this project delivers, are aimed at allowing all users to 'make the most of Elan' and what there is to offer at Elan.

The Plan identified key themes which have been used to develop the proposals of this project. The works to be completed include improvements to the existing routes/provisions to enable further and easier engagement with the landscape and heritage around, new routes for walking/running, cycling and horse riding. This project will also develop new 'hubs' away from the 'honeypot' area of the Visitors Centre. These will provide visitors with additional information, interpretation and a variety of routes.

These projects aim to allow a variety of users to enjoy Elan and to progress their skills and ability. They hope to allow a greater audience to utilise Elan and be able to get out on the Estate to better appreciate the landscape and heritage that surrounds them.

Download the Detailed Project Plan

Download the Elan Valley Access & Recreation Plan