Objective 7: Develop engaging and innovative ways of narrating Elan’s heritage to a wide audience of people

7a – Interpreting Elan

This project features two strands, the first focusses on developing the fixed interpretation and resources available at two locations at Elan. The first location is the Elan Valley Visitor Centre which is the main destination at Elan and already attracts a large volume of visitors. The second location is Rhayader Museum and Gallery which houses an exhibition on the social  history of Elan and Rhayader and was a heritage lottery funded community project which opened in 2009. By developing the interpretation and resources available at these two locations we are ensuring that visitors to have access to quality and diverse heritage interpretation which enhances their understanding and appreciation of Elan. The second strand of this project is implementing a yearly Elan Links exhibition at the two locations mentioned above. 

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7b – Elan Interactive

This project will ensure that the necessary technological development and tools are in place to ensure Elan’s online profile can grow and be maintained into the future.  The project will deliver a fully functioning App for Elan which can be used to explore the entire area.   This app will provide information on all aspects of the Elan Links Project and its diverse heritage, activities and events, enabling visitors to select what interests them and find out more.  During the development year we have looked at the different technologies available and measured these against the technological challenges at Elan enabling us to select the best match.  The app will have a content management system that will be used by all Elan Links staff and partner organisations to ensure that content is kept current.

Further development of the existing Visit Elan website will also be undertaken to include a substantial section on the Elan Links partnership and its suite of projects. Work will also be undertaken to ensure that both Elan and the Elan Links project has a range of fully functioning social media platforms.

The promotion of Elan and the Elan Links Scheme via the project website and social media platforms will be coordinated.  

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7c – Artists Residencies

Elan has a long history as a place that inspires, with around 1 in every 8 people now visiting Elan principally to undertake artistic or creative activities. Recent developments in this field have been stimulated by local leadership from CARAD and national leadership through Arts Council Wales. This project will build on our artistic legacy to further develop Elan as a centre for creativity with a particular focus on using the arts to better understand, explore and engage with nature, water, sustainability and the rural / urban dynamic. There is also the opportunity to reach further out into our linked communities by developing linkages with creative institutions such as the IKON gallery in Birmingham.  

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7d – Engaging and Innovative Events

This project brings a holistic and strategic approach to events at Elan, working with all the interested partners and stakeholders.  A yearly events programme of engaging and innovative events will be arranged which build on the existing event provision by DCWW and EVT.   Effort will be made to further connect Elan and Rhayader, making the most of the different layers of heritage available and enabling people to learn about it.  

Download the Detailed Project Plan