Objective 1: Restore and enhance habitats as identified by the landscape character action plan

1a – Healthy Bogs

The hills of Elan are dominated by a yellow grass called Molinia / purple moor grass.  Its  overgrowth is due to a changing agricultural policy which favoured lots of sheep instead of a more traditional mixture of sheep and cattle and then less and less sheep grazing in recent years.  This project will focus on cutting the molinia that will improve the condition of the wet heath blanket bog, accessible through a grant scheme for tenants wishing to take part.  There will be opportunities for people to learn about molinia and how best to manage it.  The condition of the blanket bog will be monitored and in partnership with Upland Scientists at Aberystwyth University a PhD studentship will be hosted specifically to look at how best to tackle molinia in the future.

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1b – Better Dry Heath

Sections of Elan’s dry heath are dominated to a lesser extent with invasive species such as bracken, rhododendron and conifer.  Sections of the dry heath will be cleared from these invasive species and the condition will be improved. Doing this will increase the benefits for nature, pollinators and farming. A small grants scheme will be in place for tenants that will enable them to address this problem. 

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1c – Improving our Woodlands

Elan is home to some of the most important upland sessile oak woodland in Wales and has been awarded a Special Area of Conservation for this reason.  This project will focus on improving sections of this SAC woodland within Elan.

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