Elan Links: People, Nature, Water

Elan Links: People, Nature & Water Landscape Partnership

The Elan Links: People, Nature & Water Scheme is a Heritage Lottery funded Landscape Partnership for the Elan area.  Elan Valley Trust, as lead partner, submitted their application in June 2015 and approval was given in October 2015 for a grant of £1.8 million matched by £1.5 million from Elan Valley Trust and others, for a £3.3 million scheme, delivering 27 projects in total. In January 2016, the development phase of Elan Links: People, Nature & Water commenced.  A Project Manager, Community Engagement Officer and Volunteering & Training Coordinator were recruited to oversee the development phase and refine the proposals for a second stage submission to the HLF.

Elan Links: People, Nature & Water have established a clear, ambitious vision:

"to safeguard the unique and varied heritage of Elan while significantly enhancing outcomes for people, communities and heritage for the long term".

The scheme is managed by a Partnership Board whose purpose is to guide and monitor the implementation of the Elan Links: People, Nature & Water Landscape Partnership Scheme.  The Board has met regularly during the development phase and members have worked effectively together to:

  • Develop the scheme’s objectives and projects, and to promote them as widely as possible;
  • Encourage and secure the active participation of communities, landowners, tenants, local businesses and organisations; and
  • Ensure the implementation of the Scheme’s programmes by coordinating and focussing effort and resources to create real change. 

Every Heritage Lottery funded Landscape Partnership scheme produces a Landscape Conservation Action Plan (LCAP) during their development phase, before embarking on delivery. It pulls together key information unearthed about the landscape in development, and informs all plans for the next 3, 4 or 5 years - and beyond the duration of HLF funding. It's the 'manifesto' for the landscape - incorporating the overall vision for your scheme, the Landscape Character Assessment, various projects responding to the needs of the landscape and local people, and considers long term management and sustainability. 

Elan Links draft LCAP chapters June 2017

Elan Links LCAP Chapter 0 – Background to the Elan Links Landscape Partnership

Elan Links LCAP Chapter 1 – Introduction to the Elan Links LCAP

Elan Links LCAP Chapter 2 – Understanding the Elan Links Area

Elan Links LCAP Chapter 3 – Statement of Significance

Elan Links LCAP Chapter 4 – Threats & Opportunities

Elan Links LCAP Chapter 5 – Overview of the Elan Links Scheme

Elan Links LCAP Chapter 6 – Scheme Plan & Costs

Elan Links LCAP Chapter 7 – Monitoring & Evaluation

Elan Links LCAP Chapter 8 – Sustainability & Legacy

Elan Links Audience Development Plan

Read about the projects by clicking below:

No. Project  
1 Restoring Habitats
2 Habitat Management
3 Traditional Farming Systems
4 Protecting Heritage Sites
5 Access to Heritage
6 Recording Heritage
7 Innovative Engagement
8 Increasing Interaction
9 Improving Recreation
10 Outreach
11 Understanding the Importance of Sustainability
12 Legacy

The boundary of the Elan Estate, in the Cambrian Mountains, Mid Wales, is the location for many of the project but making the links with the market town of Rhayader and the city of Birmingham has been essential to the narrative that underpins the programme. It is a unique landscape that combines remote hill land, isolated farmsteads, steep-sided wooded valleys and the reservoirs that were created by an extraordinary feat of Victorian engineering that began to supply clean water to Birmingham in 1904 and continues to do so today. 

Get Involved

The Elan Links team are currently going through all of the project proposals and talking to individuals and groups to ensure that the final programme is as inclusive and accessible as possible. We want to hear from you if there are projects that you would like to contribute to and be involved with in some way. You can also keep in touch with the project and project partners via our dedicated facebook and twitter pages.

The Elan Valley Trust are lead partner in a partnership that includes Dwr Cymru Welsh Water, CARAD, Tir Coed and Rhayader Town Council together with support from RSPB, Natural Resources Wales, and Royal Commission on Ancient and Historical Monuments of Wales. A small staff team have been employed during the development phase and can be contacted via the Elan Valley Trust office on 01597 810449 or via email using the details here.

For current job vacancies please check out the jobs page